Friends TV Trivia App Reviews

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Friends fan

HORRIBLE!! Not only are some answers wrong, it kicks you out. It was fun for a few minutes, but not worth 79 cents. Sorry.

Many Answers wrong

This is bad. Wrong spelling and answers . My suggestion is Delete


Everytime I get to question 5 it glitches and shuts off! Very easy questions.

Nice little app

Great fun to play....100 questions can keep you busy...a must have for Friends fans.

Perfect App for Friends Fans

This is a fun app, 100 questions is just right for those interested in testing their knowledge of the show.

Love Friends & this App

Simple app allows me to remember this fun show.

Fun App for Friends Fans

Fun app to play, good assortment of questions.

Wrong Answers....

Some questions Have wrong answers, and they need to be more specific. Not the best Friends Trivia app.

Not recommended

I was asked the question "who was pregnant" no other details and two of the ppl in the answers were Phoebe and Rachel. UHHM, hello FRIENDS genius they were both pregnant... Also these questions need more detail, they sound like a ten year old made them up. Im a true friends fan that knows nearly every word in every episode, obsessed to say the least.. This is NOT a good app for a true friends fan.


I love Friends, and this app is great for reviewing episodes and seasons! I think that any true Friends fan should definitely buy this app because it is amazing!!!!!!!!!

Not great

Same questions over and over and some of the answers are wrong.

Ok app

Im a huge Friends fan and this app is only ok. Some answers are wrong and when I up the amount of questions I barely get half way and the app closes itself. Pretty frustrating when youre having a perfect score. I guess its sorta worth the .99 thats only cuz reading the questions makes me remember the episode and that makes me laugh.

Terrible App

I read the reviews and bought the app anyways. That was my mistake. This app is very buggy and should be removed until a suitable update is provided.


Keeps crashing! Stupid game not even good questions!

Wrong answers

On the question, "who accidentally napped together?" it was Joey and Ross, not Joey and Chandler! Watch the show before guessing at trivia questions to make a game!


Crashes frequently.

Dont wastes you time

Answers are wrong, it crashes Its abysmal.

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